Auto Mouse v1.3 Build 14 Fully automated computer control. View
Forex Analyzer v1.0 Build 285 Fully automated FOREX trading platform. View
MP3 Tools Professional v1.0 Build 231 All-in-one tool for your MP3 collection. The program includes syntax checker and fixer, sorter of MP3s, duplicates locator, splitter, joiner, filename editor, mp3 list generator, encoder and decoder. View
[Image not available] BHDK Trader v1.0 Build 200 Next generation of Forex Analyzer. In development

Private software (not available for public resale; contact us for more information).
NetStats v1.0.4 Build 236 Complete analysis, monitoring, and reporting tool for an intranet network. Includes threaded pinging and trace, MAC address collection and port assignment, control, and filtering. Customized telnet application and port locater with automatic configuration and synchronization for 3Com/Cisco switches and routers. Contact us
NetCustomer v1.0 Build 48 Complete customer database, including scheduling, service ticketing, and automated service monitoring with QuickBooks interface. Contact us
[Title not shown] v0.9 Build 85 Dedicated controller software for embedded remote control system with 32 channel metering, alarms, web server, event scheduling, x10 control, voice codec. Includes advanced scripting system for cross-unit communication. Contact us

Other software, no longer supported.
WAN/LAN Performance v1.0 Quickly test performance of WAN/LAN network using 9 different tests. Free Download
[Image not available] PDF2DOC v1.0 Extract PDF file to DOC format. Requires Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or earlier and Word 2002 or earlier. Free Download
[Image not available] AIM Add-Ons v1.0 Add on tools for old AOL Instant Messanger. Free Download
[Image not available] mIRC Add-Ons v1.0 Add on tools for old mIRC client. Free Download

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